Not My Idol

The gods of ancient Rome and Greece didn't care if you lived a moral life. They only demanded that you honor them. Honoring them sometimes meant engaging in the same kind of highly questionable behavior they did. Socrates got in trouble and was branded an atheist because he pointed out that the gods were just expressions of people’s bad behavior. They were an excuse, a way for people to glorify and justify their appetite...

A Prayer For You

There aren’t many things I value more than spending time with people I care about. Maybe you feel the same way, that the most meaningful times in life are spent with people who love you. The world has a way of snatching up all our time, distracting...

His Dream Cannot Fail

Have you ever given up on a dream? Something you always thought you would achieve, or that you wished could happen? It’s a difficult moment when you finally accept that not everything has worked out the way you’d hoped. Life sometimes seems out of our reach. The older we get, the less time we have to reach the goals we always hoped for. It can lead to depression or the sense that our lives don’t matter.

Me Too

One of the most surprising developments in the Weinstein sexual exploitation allegations is its effect in causing so many to come forward with similar allegations against other alleged abusers, and in particular, those in the Hollywood industry.

A Father Who Does Not Change

My dad passed away a couple years ago. One of the things I miss about him is how I never needed to worry about my relationship with him. He never varied. He was always happy to see me; he’d open his arms to embrace me and tell me he loved me, as if not a day had passed since the last time we were together. In all my ups and downs in life, he rarely lost his temper, and even when he did, it wasn’t for long.

What Is Love?

If I tell you that you are loved, how does that make you feel? We’re all dying to know that we’re loved. There are no words more powerful, or more likely to disappoint us after we hear them. The problem is that the love we’re talking about doesn’t mean the same thing to different people and in different situations. We use it to describe a lot of things,...

That You May Have Power

A popular screenwriter on the Avengers movies was asked recently why superhero movies had become such a phenomenon in recent years. His answer was vague. People like a struggle for good and evil, he surmised, what he calls “myth-making,” and admitted he didn't have a smarter answer than that. I think that's only part of what's happening. Something much more basic is at work,...

From the Inside Out

My kids are growing into adults. I stand by with some amazement as they change and develop into what I hope are the people they are meant to be—the people that God created them to be. My job is to help them reach that goal. It’s not always easy to know how to do it. Christian...

How Will It Be?

One of the ways we end up looking foolish is by spending our time and money on things that, in the course of time, don’t matter at all. I’ve spent money on things that I’ve rarely or never used. Or paid for extended warranties for things that don’t break in the time you’ve insured them for, possibly because you didn’t need them or use them much in the first place. Or invested in opportunities...

A Refusal to Set Limits

Mainstream American culture shows an increasingly permissive attitude towards non-marital sex. Outside of a few ethnic subgroups (communities which have morals that are resistant to these changes) the percentages show a rapid and significant shift away from traditional Christian norms regarding sex over the last 40 years.

One Thing I Do Know

I was in San Diego with my kids last year, and we were spending the day in Balboa Park. As we were walking around, we noticed a table set up in the courtyard, run by a group of atheists. They were there to share their opinion on why Christianity was false.

Victory Over Darkness

If I tell you I have good news and bad news for you, which do you ask to hear first? I usually take the bad news first, because I have the fear that the bad news will counteract the good news. I’d rather face reality than get my hopes up. I don’t know if that’s true of most people, though; it’s probably a reflection of my past disappointments. We like to avoid bad news if we can help it; we’re afraid of that part.

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