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  • The Stress Trap

    Discipleship Monday, August 31, 2015

    A while back I had abdominal pain that became progressively worse over time. The pain was so acute I had difficulty concentrating at work. I have a history of cancer in my family, so after one very rough morning I made a trip to the emergency room. An MRI and blood test came back negative for any physical causes. I was chatting with a nurse who suggested this could be stress-related. The...SEE MORE

  • Dust Am I

    Scripture Study Sunday, August 30, 2015

    One of the big lessons in life is accepting your limits. I was in the gym last year, trying to lift too much weight, forgetting for a moment that I was no longer twenty-five. It was a very brief moment, for sure. I could feel a tendon pop in my hamstring as I released the dumbbell, and knew I was going to have to lower my expectations for myself, if I really was shooting for 80. When we...SEE MORE

  • We Do Not Lose Heart

    Scripture Study Friday, August 28, 2015

    In 2013, 41,149 people committed suicide. This makes suicide the tenth leading cause of death in the United States. Unsuccessful attempts to commit suicide are estimated at over ten times this number. Men account for 80% of these deaths, and the highest rates in recent years have been tracked for men in the 50 to 65 age bracket. There is a point in your life when despair sets in, when...SEE MORE

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    I’ve had my bumper mashed in the same parking lot by two different people this year. Both were young people (and, ugh, uninsured). Both were backing up their cars, and hit me while I was braked. One was in a hurry to leave, the other was angry at another car that was blocking them. Neither checked their rearview. My kids were in the car both times, and were shaken up. I don’t park in that lot any more.SEE MORE

  • Reflecting Our Father

    Discipleship Wednesday, August 26, 2015

    My oldest daughter is 14, and she is beginning that phase where being seen with me is not cool. Or better to say, she would find it embarrassing if her friends spotted her with her dad. I can torture her with a PDA, then watch her look around in the hope she doesn't know anyone nearby. I'm not a nerdy dad, but I understand where she's at in her life. We live in a culture of detachment....SEE MORE

  • The Road Is Not Safe

    Scripture Study Tuesday, August 25, 2015

    The road from Jerusalem to Jericho was a notoriously dangerous way to travel. Jerusalem is about 3000 feet above sea level. The Dead Sea, near where Jericho stood, is about 1000 feet below sea level. In about 18 miles, this road dropped 4000 feet. It was a steep, mountainous road with narrow, rocky defiles and blind turns, which made it a place to be wary of robbers. In the 5th century, Jerome...SEE MORE

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    There is a popular book series that depicts prayer as a way to strengthen angels in their battle against demons. As people pray, the angels literally become empowered, as if prayer itself were directly responsible for an angel's strength. I remember reading it, many years ago, and it did prompt me to get on my knees. I didn't want any feeble angels guarding me. The only problem is that this reduces prayer to magic.SEE MORE

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    The world around us is adapting to electronic media and information technology. How we think about community, experience the world, share our lives with others, communicate with the people we care about, value ourselves, and even consider what counts as a "place" and why we don't feel the need to actually be there—all of these have changed over the last two decades. We're on a fast-moving...SEE MORE

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    The most difficult kind of faith is believing that everything will be alright, that God will reveal his goodness, when things are so bad at the moment. If you've ever been in a spot where you've lost your job and you're facing the prospect of not being able to cover food and either rent or a mortgage, you know what I mean. Jesus' promise that our heavenly Father knows about our needs isn't...SEE MORE

  • If You Knew Him

    Scripture Study Friday, August 21, 2015

    There was a man who changed my life. He was a professor at a Christian university and a pastor, and I met him about 30 years ago at a retreat. I had been asked to take over a Bible study with roughly 80 adult attendees after the primary teacher resigned. It happened suddenly and I didn't feel prepared for the responsibility, but I was open to whatever the Lord was calling me to. I was...SEE MORE

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    Have you ever spent a lot of time and energy (and maybe money) on something, and then later, for whatever reason, lost interest in it? I'm sure most of us who are Boomers* and Gen X wish we could take back and repurpose the many thousands of hours we have spent watching TV shows which, on rerun, seem incredibly dull, low-resolution and cheesy. Yes, you could have used that time to learn to...SEE MORE

  • Shame on Me

    Christianity and Culture Tuesday, August 18, 2015

    Shame is a strange thing; it can be regarded in two completely different ways. If you search for it on Amazon, you will find hundreds of books to help you relieve yourself of it. It is the negative, convicting emotion that we have violated a moral standard. Psychologists provide guidance in relieving yourself from it because it can lead to unhealthy, borderline behaviors if it's not managed properly.SEE MORE

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